Viva’s Holiday

“A mostly quiet, touching, intimate family drama.” – Oregon ArtsWatch

“Go see it!” – Portland Mercury

Viva’s Holiday is a one-act opera based on the memoirs of local stripper, spokeperson, and writer Viva Las Vegas. A lyrical story about a young woman on an unconventional path testing the limits of family acceptance during a holiday visit, the opera runs 47 minutes and is written for four singers and a twelve-piece chamber orchestra. It played to full houses and earned glowing press in its premiere run in 2015.

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An opera from Burnside and Broadway

goodbye-old-house-webOpera has always loved the courageous female character – Beethoven’s Leonore, Puccini’s Tosca. Viva’s Holiday offers a modern hero in this tradition: a bright woman comfortable in her own skin, at once intellectual, rebellious, spiritual, and eager to connect with her family. Drawn from a celebrated Portland memoir, the opera explores the intersection of sex work, filial convention, and self-realization.

When Viva returns home for Christmas, she finds a family torn between care for her and discomfort with her chosen occupation – and the knowledge that self-love may seek an expression at odds with the expectations of her loved ones.


Following a sold-out first run at Portland, Oregon’s Star Theater, Viva’s Holiday has the makings of a Christmas tradition. Corbell’s music is approachable and multifaceted, drawn in colors from a palette rich with humor, motivity, and charming lyricism. The libretto – in English, adapted with much care and approved artistic license from its namesake’s original account – retains the vivacity of its source text. A 12-piece orchestra accompanies the four singing roles of mother, father, daughter, and son in delivering their moments of intimate comedy, audacity, and poignance.

This is an opera for friends of opera, but also an opera for the people, thick with the jovial poetry of the American vernacular, rooted in tradition and reaching into rare, impious spaces.

The opera’s libretto has been revised for the 2018 recording and is available here:
LIBRETTO 2018.10.02


In Scene 2, Viva’s brother is interrogating her about her work as a stripper; after some back-and-forth Viva responds with a three-part aria in which she argues for sex-positivity, extols the sensuality of stripping, and testifies to the diversity and power of her co-workers. She ends by affirming that it’s her art, her calling, and her life.

The father’s aria in Scene 3, following a dialog with Mom, displays tender and measured parental concern – Dad does not yet know about his daughter’s chosen occupation.

In Scene 4 we see an interaction inspired by the real-life exchange between Viva and Mom during that holiday visit: Viva shows Mom some of her stripper clothes thinking she will enjoy how ‘girly’ they are, and tension builds. After Mom leaves, Viva contemplates outing herself to her father.


Radio Interview: All Classical FM

Andrea Murray of All Classical FM’s Northwest Previews interviews composer Christopher Corbell and author Viva Las Vegas about the making of Viva’s Holiday, including musical excerpts from the production rehearsals.

Portland Mercury: A very Portland Christmas

But if you’re looking for a theatrical alternative to the staged equivalent of a sugary, mass-produced holiday cookie, you probably can’t do better than Viva’s Holiday, which is a Christmas opera about a stripper… Yes, that’s right! It’s a Christmas opera about a stripper!
-Megan Burbank
Full article online

Artslandia: From Stripper Saga to Christmas Opera

In Viva’s Holiday, we see themes beyond the story: The sex worker without the sex…. The liberal left-coast pioneer returning reluctantly and briefly to the Midwest fold for Christmas. And the familiar need to be accepted for who we are, even when that radically changes.
– Matt Stangel
Full article online

Willamette Week: Santa’s Lap Dance

A pastor’s daughter who came from Minnesota in hopes of building a music career, Viva Las Vegas is probably Portland’s most famous stripper now. She’s also an internationally touring advocate for strippers’ rights and the inspiration for local composer Christopher Corbell’s Christmas-themed opera, Viva’s Holiday…
– Enid Spitz
Full article online

Oregon ArtsWatch: ‘Viva’s Holiday’: Making an opera, evoking a community

Viva’s Holiday is neither a violent romantic extravaganza nor a pontification on feminism or art nor even a lurid look into old Portland’s sexy, seamy side. It’s a mostly quiet, touching, intimate family drama…
– Brett Campbell
Full article online


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