Support New Poetic Vocal Music! 2017 Matching Fundraising

A note from composer/producer Christopher Corbell

Cult of Orpheus is putting on a great concert this November, with premieres of original vocal music, short opera, and chamber music! I’m seeking help from the community to ensure our excellent singers and musicians are compensated fairly.

Cult of Orpheus productions are labors of love, and I usually donate to cover at least half of the expenses of our original opera and art-song performances. After venue fees and production expenses, I can donate up to $1500 for musicians and singers in this production, but this is a very low amount for the number of musicians on the program (five singers, ten chamber musicians!), so please help us give them some extra support!

Matching pledge: For every donation up to a total of $1500, I will match your donation 1:1. If we can meet the full pledge, that will mean $3000 is available to compensate our singers and musicians, which is a good goal for the amount of rehearsal and musicianship they are providing. Please consider donating today – every dollar goes to support a performer, and every dollar is matched!

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UPDATE: we will have a printed program for this show – donate now and your name or your company’s name will be listed! If you’d like to purchase an ad for your company in our program, contact sales (at)

In the happy event that we exceed the $3000 total, the additional donations will cover the remainder of production expenses (venue, printing, promotion), and anything beyond that will be put toward our 2018 season.

Thanks for supporting new art-song and opera!