Cult of Orpheus is an eclectic Artistic Religion chiefly focused on the manifestation lyrical music, poetry, opera, and creative mythology.

Credo of the Cult of Orpheus

1. Consciousness is sacred wonder itself, emergent in the Cosmos.
2. Consciousness is a mystery; it surpasses its description.
3. Between two finite numbers there are an infinite number of points, real and imagined. Between birth and death, each consciousness is an infinity.
4. Our sacred purpose is a lifetime of self-surpassing consciousness. Self-surpassing consciousness is called transcendent consciousness.
5. The Great Work is the work of all transcendent consciousness in the Cosmos.
6. Orpheus and Eurydice are archetypes of transcendent consciousness; their forms reside in each of us.
7. With Orpheus we awaken and long to manifest transcendence in forms that others can recognize.
8. With Eurydice our higher selves are lost in the shadows of the world’s action, fallen to the snake’s bite, shrouded in dream.
9. As Orpheus journeyed to recover Eurydice from the shadows, we journey to liberate and elevate our higher selves.
10. The manifestation of the soul’s sacred purpose in a form meant for others is called Art.
11. All Art may be sacred work, whether it involve words, sound, light, the body, symbols, machines, constructions, concepts, solitude, society, gods, imagined worlds, or other domains.
12. For the Orpheist, Song is the first Art, and also the last.