Oh this is the animal that was never made.

Oh this is the animal that was never made. It was unknown, and yet each trait —its walk, its poise, its neck, even its radiant silent gaze—was loved. It was not. But because they loved it, it became a pure animal. They left space enough. And in that space, clear and set apart, it lightly

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Hundreds of ways

“Today, like every day, we are ruined and lonely. Don’t retreat, fleeing your emptiness through the doorway of thinking. Try making some music instead.” – Rumi Sacred Works I: The Emerald Tablet by Cult of Orpheus

New podcast episode: The Wind Carries It in Its Belly, S1E4

The wait is over! We have a new podcast episode live, in which composer Corbell talks about the first four lines of The Emerald Tablet, and then shares the musical settings that Cult of Orpheus recorded this year. Transcendence sounds great! To follow our rss feed or hear earlier episodes, go to http://www.cultoforpheus.org/podcast/ http://www.cultoforpheus.org/podcast/?name=2018-11-21_cult_of_orpheus_s1e4.mp3