This is a complete site listing of original music by C. A. Corbell / Cult of Orpheus.

Baudelaire: “Tristesses de la lune” and “Hymne”
For three voices.

Catullus II and V
For tenor and piano.

Daphne: opera miniature
For mezzo-soprano, baritone, guitar, flute, oboe, and tambourine.

Dhammapada: Three Songs
For baritone and piano.

E. B. Browning: Sonnets from the Portuguese 1
For soprano and string trio.

Give them space
For string quartet.

Insect Songs: Haiku by Issa
For flute and voice.

Love’s Alchemy: Four Sufi Poems
For soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute, harp, and percussion.

Millay: Three Sonnets
For mezzo-soprano and piano.

Rilke: Selections from Sonnets to Orpheus
for baritone, cello, and guitar

The Emerald Tablet
For vocal quartet and string quartet.

Theban Suite
For harp, flute, cello, and percussion.

Time-wise Animals: original sonnets
For voice, guitar, and cello.

Venus Novena
For string quartet.

Viva’s Holiday: an Opera In One Act
For four singers and chamber orchestra.